Infested (1992): The logo starts off normal when suddenly, it turns black and white along with the Travelers Tales and Amblin Entertainment logos. Only on UK prints.

Warner Bros. Pictures logo 1970s

Brushing: The Movie (1999): The 1970 logo is used.

Pingu (2001): The 2001 logo is tinted in blue


Yo Stupid Camper (2002): The 1984 logo is used.

On the trailer, a camper's hand picks up the shield and reveals the Village Roadshow Pictures logo.

Snapshot 3 (8-2-2014 8-03 AM)

20 Miles Under The Sea (2005): The 2003 logo is blue and floats up looking like a robot with tentacles

Knights VS Aliens (2013): The logo from "Time After Time" is used, but then, the logo freezes and farting sounds are heard.

Snapshot 1 (8-2-2014 8-01 AM)

The Goanimate Movie (2014): The whole logo is made with GA. The sky background flips from black and the shield drops in hung on a string. Then it flips to reveal the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment logo

Snapshot 4 (8-2-2014 8-31 AM)

Comedy World: The Movie (2014): The logo looks animated and the features of the Shield, sky, clouds, and byline move differently. Also, the shield is in it's print logo form.

Warner Bros logo TLM 2- Quest For The 3 Bricks variant

The LEGO Movie 2: The Quest For The 3 Bricks (2017): The logo starts off normally, but on the 2nd half, Emmet, Lucy, Benny, Batman, and Uni-kitty pop out from the clouds playing the rest of the fanfare on kazoos.

Warner-bros-logo- Still variant

Mine-craft: The Movie (2017): The logo is in black and white. Also, the shield is put on a black background and isn't animated.

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