House M.D: Visual House (2004): The SEGA logo's background is black. After the word, SEGA shows up, House jumps on it and flips it over. Then a talk bubble comes up saying, "SEGA". Then the SEGA chant plays.

SEGA (Visual House variant)

Visual House (2004)

On the closing of the game, the closing logo is being fixed by a random doctor. Then the logo drops. While the Doctor is saying, "It's been one of those days", the logo goes back to it's spot to reveal the Presented By banner and the doctor flies out.

House M.D: House's Nightmare (2005): A zombie doctor limps to reveal the SEGA logo that is tinted in red. Also, the background is the same as on "Visual House".

Max and Ruby: The Video Game (2006): The SEGA Chant is replaced with Max's voice that chants, "SEGA".

Truth Or Dare (2014): The logo starts off normally, but when it is finished, the logo moves to the left and reveals the title.

Eric's Time Machine: The Game (2015): The logo is tinted in purple and zooms in out of a swirl background. Also, the SEGA chant isn't heard.

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